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Pueblo was a MUD/MUSH/Talker/Telnet client developed and distributed by a company called Chaco Communications Inc. back in 1996. It is still the best performing client for integrating hypertext into a MUD or chat environment. Chaco was acquired by Andromedia which in turn was acquired by Macromedia, along the way the Pueblo source tree for the commercial version of 2.01 was released under the Andromedia Public License, a form of the Mozilla Public License. The links to and the Pueblo sources are now unavailable and this is partly why this project exists, to provide a home for that release. The commercial distribution of Pueblo also disappeared and its made available here under its original licence both as a demonstration of the capabilities of Pueblo and as a base comparison for any builds from this project.

This is intended as a live project though and not just an archive for an old but interesting product. There are a number of features of Pueblo that make it both a rewarding platform in its own right and a provider of technology to other projects, most notably a VRML plugin for browsers. Chaco extended HTML to support interactive events such as sound, VRML, avatars and images, one goal of the project is to create an XML dialect to have the same level of functionality.

The build configuration is skewed towards an MS VC++ environment and any *nix implementation would need to work on the make files, though the code itself is cross-platform.

Pueblo was originally written by enthusiasts of internet communities, this project should remember the original work of those enthusiasts.

Pritham Shetty

Ron Lussier (Coyote)

Dan Greening (Pingbot)

Jim Doubek

Glenn Crocker (Wizard)

Source tree created, work going on on cleaning the build.
Pueblo 2.01 Install executable uploaded and linked at Downloads page.
Build cleaned apart from the ChSound module. Direct 3D support enabled and built.
A mirror site for the original Chaco site along with links to MUD and other Pueblo resources.

The pueblo project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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